Make the invisible, visible with our Thermal Imaging Camera Solutions

Easy to Deploy Thermal Imaging Systems for the Fight Against COVID-19

With the government planning an exit strategy from the current lockdown, businesses will be asked to demonstrate that they can reintroduce their workforce safely.

Our thermal imaging cameras detect elevated body temperature alerting your organisation immediately (via an alarm, SMS or email) to anyone that might have a fever.

The cameras can’t detect the Coronavirus but they can be used as a tool to help slow and ultimately stop the spread of the virus.

If the camera finds the temperature of the skin in key areas(especially the corner of the eye and forehead)is above average temperature then the individual may be selected for additional screening and further tests.

  • Detect elevated body temperature for fever screening 
  • Detect temperature differences of just 0.1°C within a range of -40 to +550 °C
  • Detect people and objects 


Thermal imaging has become a vital cog for any civil security and surveillance system with industrial companies and public institutions such as power stations, industrial plants, warehouses, ports and airports all using thermal imaging technology to protect their assets and personnel. 

See what you can’t see with the naked eye. Faulty machinery, self-combusting materials or intruders obscured by darkness, bad weather or smoke can be discovered immediately with our thermal imaging cameras detecting temperature differences of just 0.1°C.    

Further  features and applications:
  • Benefit from training and camera bundles 
  • Detect fires indoor and outdoor 
  • Monitor machinery and equipment in industrial/ manufacturing facilities
  • Monitor production, storage and transport of combustible materials such as biomass fuels 
  • Trigger Alarms and send alerts straight to your network
  • Screen via special TR windows or the complete sensor image
  • Track with a range of several hundred metres
  • Save energy with only <10 watts of power required 
  • Operate for up to 80,000 hours with a 9-year life cycle

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