Thermal Imaging Cameras

Other  Thermal Imaging Camera Solutions from Caffco Detect elevated body temperature for fever screening  Detect temperature differences of just 0.1°C within a range of -40 to +550 °C Detect people and objects    Thermal imaging has become a vital cog for any civil security and surveillance system with industrial companies and public institutions such as […]

Security for Retail and Hospitality

High quality surveillance and monitoring has been known to pay back the investment by saving businesses huge amounts of money lost through theft or paying higher insurance premiums. With everything we do kept in-house and personable approach to business, we get to know our clients and their requirements. Working for developers, institutional landlo …

Fire & Intruder Protection

Remote video viewing via a smartphone or laptop enables you to protect your home or business and arm and disarm your security system from almost everywhere. Our state-of-the-art remote access systems will give you peace of mind that you and your occupants will benefit from the fastest response possible if an incident occurs. Working for […]

Access Control

The free flow of authorised people is essential for any business to operate but so is preventing the loss of stock, sensitive information or personal possessions to trespassers and walk-in thieves. Working with residential and commercial developers, corporate occupiers, retailers, business owners and car park operators, we offer a full spectrum of …

CCTV Surveillance

When a crime takes place, the police will always refer to video footage captured by CCTV. Systems that are unreliable or faulty will allow criminals to get away. We design, install and maintain video surveillance and monitoring systems for all types of premises with playback tracked to the exact time and date of the incident […]

Construction Sites

Construction sites are an easy target for criminals and antisocial behaviour. They are also dangerous places and renowned for having stringent health & safety regulations. It is vital that you have a secure site with immediate updates reported if an incident occurs. Working with main contractors, project managers and housebuilders, we can put s …