Why choose a dog team?

With increased national threat levels and anti-social behaviour, the necessity to ensure a safe environment is second to none. Manned guarding accompanied by a trusted Canine Companion can be the perfect team to Deter, Deny or Detect hostile, criminal and anti-social behaviour in addition to protecting your business staff and visitors.

Providing unparalleled level of protection to alert us of threats we cannot detect or see and often miss, offering efficient, productive and cost-effective results. Professional dog handlers provide resourceful approach to compliment any security assignment.
In comparison to a manned guard solution a dog team can be the equivalent of a 3 or 4 man static guards and can cover ground quicker than their human making them a perfect response to an alarm activation. This is due to a dogs heightened senses, they are able to detect hidden intruders from 300m away. And have 60 times the scent receptors of a human depending on the breed.
Trojan security has a long-standing history of working alongside dog units and we are proud to include them as part of our team. All Dogs are from trusted breed sources, trained rigorously ensuring they are safe and civilian friendly in line with the Guard Dogs Act 1975. They are fully insured and routinely assessed to ensure that their standards are maintained to ensure safe and optimal effectiveness when deployed to tasks.

Mobile Response Dog Unit:
Once an alarm has been activated, we can deploy a fully trained dog to respond immediately. On arrival the dog unit will conduct a full perimeter check before searching the building or venue itself. This is to ensure the intruder has no route of escape. Once our dogs have locked on to an intruder’s scent there really is nowhere for the intruder to hide.

Search dogs:
Dog search teams provide active detection and high-profile interaction. In recent years detection dogs have emerged as valuable tool for police, army and security. Search dogs are very efficient, consistent and highly recommended for detection.

Drug detection dogs:
Make the statement that drug use is not tolerated in your establishment by deploying our search teams. Raising the visible security profile whilst reducing drug misuse, criminal and anti-social behaviour. Our teams utilise stop and search measures after positive indication from our detection dogs.

Explosive detection dogs:
These specialised teams are now common place at many large public events. Our explosive detection dog teams can be deployed at short notice to search and are available for long or short contracts and for one-off events