VIP Close Protection

Caffco security is well known and highly regarded in the close protection industry. With experience working with politicians, A List celebrities and high net worth individuals Caffco can offer a tailor-made security solution for all your needs. With the ability to provide advance teams to check routes and locations, drivers and Close Protection off …

K9 Dog Team Units

Why choose a dog team? With increased national threat levels and anti-social behaviour, the necessity to ensure a safe environment is second to none. Manned guarding accompanied by a trusted Canine Companion can be the perfect team to Deter, Deny or Detect hostile, criminal and anti-social behaviour in addition to protecting your business staff and […]

Mobile Patrols

Do you own a large estate? Or is your business located on several sites? Have you had attempted breaches in security or suffered from antisocial behaviour? If so a mobile patrol or alarm response could be just what you need. Our mobile patrol officers are fully trained and experienced, with the ability to attend alarm […]

Construction Sites

Construction sites are an easy target for criminals and antisocial behaviour. They are also dangerous places and renowned for having stringent health & safety regulations. It is vital that you have a secure site with immediate updates reported if an incident occurs. Working with main contractors, project managers and housebuilders, we can put s …

Luxury Retail

Loss prevention officers save the retail industry millions of pounds a year. The cost of a manned guarding solution may well balance out against increased insurance premiums and loss of stock. In addition, a customer service trained security officer can act as a visual deterrent for undesirables. Creating a friendly and welcoming experience for you […]

Manned Guarding

It is becoming more and more frequent that business are the victims of antisocial behaviour and crime. Such as: Theft, vandalism, protests and demonstrations, trespass and corporate espionage. A manned guarding solution offers your business a reassuring, multifunctional presence, that is not only reactive but proactive as well. A layered security so …